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*Campaign update* ActionSA says they will replace the 'meagre' R370 SRD grant with a Universal Basic Income Stimulus (UBIS). The ActionSA BIG would increase gradually yearly, starting with R790 in the first year, R1101 in the second year, and R1622 in the third year. However, it appears the grant would stop in three years time. Even after contacting them multiple times, ActionSA has not provided details on how the grant would be funded.

This campaign has ended.

Politicians are competing for your vote in the 2024 election. Four of the key political parties support a Basic Income Grant, including the ANC, DA, EFF and Action SA.

If politicians are going to promise a Basic Income Grant, we can force them to explain when the BIG will start, how much it will be, how many will get it and how it will be funded. If parties have to show us their plans before elections, we can hold them accountable and make a Basic Income Grant a reality. 

Help us demand Action SA to share concrete plans for the Basic Income Grant now! 

Action SA has publicly declared their support for social grants and committed to realising a ‘Universal Basic Income Support (UBIS)’: “…an ActionSA government would, in fact, expand them while introducing a new Universal Basic Income Stimulus (UBIS) to replace the meagre R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant. We believe a UBIS could be funded through budget reprioritisation and tackling corruption [1].”

Politicians like to forget about their promises after elections. The upcoming elections allow us to maximise our power and pressure politicians to act now. Although not a ruling party, Action-SA, as a political party in Mzansi, holds the responsibility to ensure all who live in Mzansi have dignified lives. It is through working with and holding those in power accountable to implement measures and interventions that will lift people out of poverty and uplift our collective humanity. 

Join us and call on Action SA to urgently share their plans for the BIG before the elections. Together in solidarity, we can ensure all those who need urgent assistance to survive get it and help realise a better and dignified life for all. 

amandla.mobi is an independent, non-partisan community advocacy organisation that is not aligned with any political party. Together with our members, we are engaging five of South Africa’s most significant political parties.


Dear Action-SA,

We call on you to release your plans and timelines to implement BIG:

1. Commit: Increase the R350 grant to match the monthly food poverty line of R760; expand the R350 SRD grant to include the 16 million people who qualify for it [4], and turn it into a BIG.

2. Timeframe: Implement the BIG by March 2025.

3. How much: We demand a BIG of no less than R1 600 per person per month. BIG should increase each year in line with at least the Upper Bound Food Poverty line.

4. Who will get it: All people in Mzansi with little to no income between 18 and 59 must get the grant. This must include people currently receiving the R350 grant and those who have been declined for the grant due to unfair regulations.

5. Funding: We demand a BIG funded by the wealthiest, and not the poor through VAT  increases or cuts to social spending.

6. No matter the outcome of the election, commit to working to implement a BIG and to consistently share progress reports leading to implementation in April 2025.

Millions cannot support themselves due to the high cost of living, corruption and deteriorating public services. Now is the time to show your commitment to improving the lives of the people and the future generations of Mzansi.


[1] Ruling Party’s Continued Failure to Fix SASSA Forces 150 000 Recipients to Starve, Lerato Ngobeni for ActionSA, 11 January 2024

[2] R350 grant: Sassa in court over “unfair” exclusions, Liezl Human for GroundUp, 5 September 2023.

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